MS 250

The long term cooperation between MAMAS STAVROU LTD andMUSKITA ALUMINIUM resulted in the creation of this new, vanguard for Cyprus standards, shutter. Bearing in mind that today’s customer is more selective when it comes to quality and design of a product, we created the perfect shutter.

The profiles that form this shutter are designed in such a way that minimizes the procedures and time required foe assembly, making it the fastest and easiest in the market. The profiles follow a modern line: while at the same time retain traces of traditional elements. The new louver mechanisms MS03 and MS06 by MAMAS STAVROU LTD with their perfect fit and functionality complete the image of the shutter.

The long term experiences that MAMAS STAVROU  LTD  has in this field guarantees the quality and reliability of the new shutter and louver mechanisms. We are confident that even the most demanding customer will be satisfied.

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