Aluminium Pergolas

Pergolas will always be an essential part of a house. Traditional wooden pergolas though can not much with all the types of houses. That is why the wooden pergola era is a thing of the past.  Mamas Stavrou Ltd developed developed an adjustable aluminium pergola ideal for any type of house.

Comparing aluminium and wooden pergolas one can see why aluminium pergolas are superior:

  • Aluminium pergolas do not need any kind of maintenance
  • Opening the slats just a little – not allowing the sun to enter – the air is being recycled and under the pergola is always cool.
  • It is easy to clean. Just open the slats – 90 degrees – and you have access the both sides.
  • The slats are completely waterproof due to their design. When the slats code completely they interlock. Thus preveding the water from dripping the water from dripping underneath.
  • The use of electrostatic paint or anodize finish allows the pergola to blend in with the colour or the style of its surroundings.
  • The aluminium structure is by itself a guarantee about the pergolas durability on weather conditions and time.
  • The aluminium pergola is considered to be a non covered space.

Our long time experience in the field of shading is a guarantee that this is a quality and trustworthy product. Our goal has always been the customer to get the best at the lowest possible price.

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