Sun Breakers

The new trend in building development along with the extensive use of glass, created structures that are exposed to weather conditions.  As result the need for external shading has long since increased.

External shading helps lowering the temperature inside the building during the summer months. This results up to 15 energy savings due to the reduction in the use of air conditioning. Also during the winter months, because the sun is lower, its rains are stronger and run stronger and run through the glass exterior of buildings. External shading helps improving the working the working conditions thus resulting in the increase of productivity within office buildings.

MAMAS STAVROU LTD offers the perfect system for external shading. It is a product durable, simple and easy to assemble and operate. It completely transforms the aesthetic of a building.

Our long time experience in the field of shading is a guarantee that this is a quality and trustworthy product. Our goal has always been the customer to get the best at the lowest possible price.

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