ALUMIL   S.A   created  this  successful shutter to fulfil the needs of the Cyprus Market. Characterized by revolutionary design and elegance, is most certain to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

The new louver mechanisms series by MAMAS STAVROU LTD MS03 and MS06 are a perfect match for this shutter.  The  combination  of the new louver mechanisms with ALUMIL’S creation, offers the installation engineer even more solutions regarding specialized construction involving heavy, medium or light type shutters.

ALUMIL S.A is the biggest company in the field of architectural and industrial extrusion of aluminium profiles. It operates 4 exclusion plants in 4 European countries. It operates 4 extrusion plants in 4 European countries with a production that exceeds 60,000 tons per year. Now it planners in the field of architectural profile and offers the Cypriot customer the ability to choose the desirable system.

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