MS 250 Projected

MAMAS STAVROU LTD, remaining true to its name as an innovator, designed and created a new, modernized type of shutter.   A shutter that offers a lot more sun protection solutions than the conventional one or any other external sun blocker application.

  • It opens effortlessly be being projected outwards at any angle.
  • At 90 degrees you can easily clean it. While at 45-50 degrees you can walk around the room without being seen from the outside. At the same time air and light can easily enter the room.
  • Studies have shown that keeping the direct sun rays and the temperature of 55-60 degrees that comes with them, outside, a natural air condition is being created.  The air comes in though the opening of the shutter in large volume and hits the walls of the room. The friction that is created cools the air. This way the room maintains a cooler temperature without being affected from the outside conditions.
  • Energy is being saved with the reduction of the use of air – conditioning units.
  • Different outside aesthetic of the building.

This innovative shutter reaches perfection with the use of MS03 and MS06 louver mechanisms. The reason is that it has been designed specifically for these mechanisms. The MS250 projected shutter combined with MS03 and MS06 louver mechanisms is the perfect window shading solution.

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